What I secretly wish for...

My new personal dream would be a very rainy day now in a tiny apartment. No chance to go outside, nothing that needs to be fixed or done. Watching TV, using real WIFI with unlimited data access, having a warm shower without walking a mile... How the definition of heaven can change! May be, after all this weeks even my eyes might be grateful for some rest, fewer colors, fewer things to admire, though NYC will probably not be the best place for that. 
Just a little bit of rain on a gray day would be nice...

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    Camile Davenport (Montag, 20 April 2015 02:33)

    I understand the feeling. Sometimes the sameness of the Caribbean while beautiful, can get to you after a while. Fall is my favorite season and there are times that I wish for that change of scenery.

    Enjoy the change and we hope to see you in St. John in November. :) keep in touch!

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