Things we love and things we miss

When life changes from being boat people to land people, there will be a complete turn over in values and magic mysteries. We love A/C  in the hotel room, running hot water unlimited, toilets and showers close by and working. We love electricity. 
What we miss are our new neighbors, the tarpon living below our boat, we miss geccos being everywhere, and chicken and hens taking their morning stroll on the dock. We miss the sound of water, the swinging of the boat, the plunge into the Atlantic at six every morning. To be able to grab Balahoos from the toilet window.

Philocat will be hauled out at 1 pm today!

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    Camile (Dienstag, 21 April 2015 16:31)

    I hope all went well with your haul out yesterday and your flight to New York today. It's going to be a long day for you all. I'll be thinking of you. We had a lovely sail home and it's so nice to be back on the water. FYI - The lights were awesome. We had a spotted eagle ray under the boat within 10 minutes!

    Have a safe trip!