Peter: Skipper, Navigator, Technician, Gourmet

 Has been sailing all his life, however they do that in Austria without any water side, loves fair winds, high speed, blue water, warm sunshine- but not on his head - and local food.

Franziska:  Co-Skipper,  Maritime-Medic, Smutje, Helmsman, Deck-hand

 Only started sailing 10 years ago, was forced to do captain's license, in case Peter fell off the yacht in weird weather conditions, loves Atlantic ocean, Caribbean Islands, fellow sailors and happy kids.

Noa, 18: first mate, deckhand, big sister

 Has excellent sea legs, can read in her berth during rough passages and wonders about people who cannot, hands-on with whatever is needed on board.

Pius & Niko, 10 & 11: Helmsmen, Fisher, Diver

 No fear and always in the search of fish.

Frida, 6:  Wave-Rider and Water-Fighter, has just had her third birthday on board and does not know what a dishwasher is.